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We are closely following the development of Covid-19 situation.

Our top priority is the health and well being of our patients and employees.

In accordance with the guidelines of MOH Singapore, we have adapted our hygiene concept accordingly in strict compliance with the guidelines.

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Safety measures for patients and employees

  • Obligation to wear mouthguard and nose protection

  • Regular hand hygiene ( disinfectants are available for you )

  • Regular ozone and ionisation of the practise rooms for optimal air quality


If you have symptoms of infection or have had contact with people suffering from Covid-19, please do not come to the practise until after registering by telephone


You will then be scheduled at a certain time and guided to a special infection room for the consultation

This ensures maximum safety for all other patients that do not come into contact with infectious patients.

We offer the following Covid diagnostic method:

  • PCR nose throat swab

  • Nose-Pharyxn swab antigen quick test

  • Rapid anti body test


Stay healthy!

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